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The Golfers Journal Podcast

Jul 1, 2021

For 35-year-old Zach Kahl, one foggy, early-morning round ended with an unexpected, life-altering trip to the emergency room. He suffered several strokes and blood clotting in his brain, an incredibly rare malady for someone his age. But his doctor prescribed a refreshing road to recovery: Stop working and play more golf. In TGJ No. 15, readers walked with Kahl as he used the game to take the literal next steps of his new life. This podcast opens with Kahl’s emotional reading of his piece in No. 15 and later he joins host Tom Coyne for an encouraging update about his progress, his relationship with the game, hidden blessings and more.

Did you know that almost every feature from the book has an audio version available on the website? Let each author take you behind the scenes, adding more context and details to the story.